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hard shell case for MacBook Air 11"

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Filo is the innovative hardshell case for the MacBook Air, with sliding system that allows the display to be positioned freely. The case never comes loose from the laptop.

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$ 59.99

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Filo is not your usual clamshell case that attaches to the lower case and the rear of the display of the MacBook Air. Filo is Tucano's innovative project that revolutionises the very concept of the hardshell case. The cover attaches to the notebook using ten tiny plastic teeth – 4 below and 6 above – that leave the MacBook Air's form completely immaculate. The exclusive sliding system along the sides of the keyboard allow the display to be tilted freely without loosening the case. The ample front flap attaches magnetically to the rear of the case guaranteeing, when closed, excellent grip and secure protection of the notebook.


  • Innovative case (front and rear) for the MacBook Air
  • Designed to allow the MacBook Air to be used directly inside the case.
  • Sliding mechanism allows the screen to be angled freely
  • Exterior in polyurethane rubber for a secure grip
  • Front flap with rear magnetic clasp

Technical details

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External Size (inch)31,2 x 20,5 x 2,4

Internal Size (inch)30 x 19,2 x 0,3-1,7